JSS specializes in web sites. and custom software. Whether you have a large project and need someone to work with your team, or you only need a single developer for a small project, Jessop Scientific Software can help you.

Perhaps you have old software that needs updating, needs new documentation or perhaps you want to add new features or even rewrite it to modern standards.

Whether your software was written forty years ago using Fortran77, Pascal or C, or two decades ago with C++ or Perl, or yesterday with C# or Java, JSS can do the job.

Or you might need new custom software. JSS has turned experience working with various fields of science, data-mining, and mathematical modelling, into software for scientific, mathematical and general applications for many clients.

Do you need visualization or PDE solutions? We can also add graphical user interfaces for your needs.

"Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses."
Marilyn vos Savant

Do you need a web site or need your existing site to be maintained? You might want to advertise your business, or perhaps you are an author or music teacher needing to connect with your followers, or to create an online presence, to link to your research projects, to add value to your products. You may already know how to build your own site but just don't have the time. Many academic institutions provide web sites for their researchers and professors, but maintaining it and keeping it up to date can be a chore, and you may not always have a graduate student that has the time. Regardless of the reason you need a new web-site or whether you need an existing site to be maintained or updated, JSS can help. JSS can build you a custom site using HTML/CSS and javascript or using one of the web-site tools like Wordpress.