Web Site Projects

JSS has worked with many clients over the years. Some of those not represented in the list below include realtors, an outdoors club, a psychiatrist, two music teachers, a property management company and two model railway club sites.

Gold Gold Gold
Gold Gold Gold Klondike Book Designed, created and maintained web site for author, including debugging and updating of provided pages for the presentation of the book "Gold Gold Gold", a story of the Yukon gold rush. Yukon gold rush
Tools: HTML, css3, javascript
Supportive Transitioning
Supportive Transitioning Designed, created web site for the start-up company, to their design specification.
Tools: HTML, php, css3
UCBDC Web Site Management
Since summer of 2016 managed, updated, and added to the University of Calgary Ballroom Dance Club's wordpress based web site.
Tools: Wordpress, HTML, css3
UCBDC Web Site Development Team
UCBDC For three years was a member of the two-person development team and the five-person committee responsible for designing and implementing the previous UCBDC web site. The site was written using HTML, css, MySql and javascript (since Wordpress was not mature when the site was first envisioned and the first pages implemented).
  • allowed members to update membership and personal information that was protected behind encryption and individual passwords with failure-counts and time-outs
  • specified each member's privileges and access according to need. For example only the treasurer could add financial data, only the president could change the content of the president's message, only teaching assistants could access T.A. materials, etc
  • displayed event and class information on a number of pages including a calendar
  • displayed announcements with priority ranking, automatic start and take-down dates, visibility controls
  • included content management for semi-static pages
JSS wrote many of the web pages, modified the previous layout and look, built back-end php functionality and interface with the database, worked with a colleague to design the database, designed an interface with Paypal.
Tools: HTML, PHP, css3, javascript, Paypal sandbox, MySql
Dance With Style
Dance With Style
Created and maintained a web site for a local dance instructor. The site included a login page for students to access course materials.
Tools: HTML, css3, PHP