Software Projects

The list of software below only includes the most significant projects. Among other projects have been a database and interface to manage church membership, several utilities (including documentation formatting and a parser) written in Perl, and visualization software for N-body gravitational models.

Palynoplot Data mining software for palynology of taxa using publication database records as a proxy for distribution in the geological age and latitude. JSS designed, wrote, packaged the software including manual, help system, installer and marketed and supported it on behalf of the Geological Survey of Canada. Sold through a previous incarnation of this web site. The geological ages used by the database can be found here
Languages and resources: PERL, TkPerl, Windows

Software to manage the Geomodel suite of Geomanager programs (see below) and the plethora of horizon surfaces, thicknesses, and other files needed to build stratified geological systems, including a GUI and help system.
Languages and resources: C++, Motif, Windows, Linux
Visualization software for stratified geological systems, allowing the user to rotate the 3D model, remove layers, cut and display the profile along fences, apply surface maps or contoured horizon depths or calculated thicknesses either of individual strata or aggregate thicknesses by type. Individual layers (even inner layers) could be peeled off the top or base to show inner surfaces and even inner layers. Ancillary programs converted 3D Geomodel files and maps to the formats needed to optimize the loading speed by Geoview.
Languages and resources: C, Motif, OpenGL, HP-unix
A suite of 50+ programs to build and analyze 3D models of stratified resource-bearing geological systems. JSS was responsible for rewriting and optimizing much of the software, adding documentation, adding new Geoview features, and using that software to build models of coal-bearing systems.
Languages and resources: C, Fortran, Linux/Unix, Windows
Software to map and analyze the curvature of coal-bearing strata as a proxy for fracturing as part of a study of resource potential.
Languages and resources: C, Unix
Software to model geothermal gradients and heat flow in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin from bottom-hole temperatures on a 2D profile.
Languages and resources: Fortran, Windows
Gravitational N-body simulation software using hierarchical grid methods to solve the PDE of the gravitational potential and forces. Used to study galaxy and globular cluster evolution and structure.
Languages and resources: Fortran, Irix, PGplot